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Scales Elementary School at the Country Music Hall of Fame Words and Music Program

Janne Henshaw, myself, and Al Goll (on dobro) put on a show this Friday, February 25th, at the Country Music Hall of Fame for the Words and Music Program in the lovely Ford Theatre. We had a group of 3 classes of fourth grade students from Scales Elementary School in Brentwood Tennessee. We had a […]


Lockeland School of Design at the Country Music Hall of Fame Words and Music Program

As the year comes to a close, I have been sitting by the fire and finishing up some recording projects. A few weeks ago, Janne Henshaw, Al Goll and I performed a Words and Music Program at the Country Music Hall of Fame. It was a very energetic group of 4th graders and we had […]


Songs for the Cause

At one point early in my songwriting career, I was approached at a concert by a woman with a mission. She had come to a one woman show I was doing, with the express purpose of asking me to tell the story of the last state to ratify the 19th amendment to the U.S. Constitution, […]


The Unity Song

This week, my friend Janne Henshaw and I participated in the Country Music Hall of Fame’s year end program at the Ford Theatre in Nashville, Tennessee. It was exciting to see all the students and their songwriters performing, and very fun to get to be part of it. We are very proud of our young […]


A Valentine for You

It is Valentine’s day. I have an afternoon fire in the fireplace next to my desk, having come in from our promised afternoon snow. 3,000 miles away to the Northwest, young athletes are skating, skiing, luging in the snow. 1,000 miles away to the East, the people of Washington DC are attempting to dig out […]


Kids These Days

On Friday, Janne Henshaw and Al Goll and I participated in another Words and Music session at the Country Music Hall of Fame. This time we had three classes of 4th graders, and we presented 15 songs… the most we have ever written for one session. We want to compliment all of the students and […]


Merry Christmas from Candace and Kathleen

About two years ago, one of my dearest friends, Kathleen Wolff, and I began getting together to play O’Carolan tunes… songs written by an Irish blind harper in the late 17th and early 18th century. Our goal was to be together, playing music we loved. At a recent rehearsal, Kathleen played me the English country […]


The Night I Trim the Christmas Tree

It is Christmas Eve Day. I have just put up the Christmas card on my website, but I want to add to it. Last year, on the night I trimmed the Christmas tree, I starting writing a song. I didn’t finish it until this year, and two nights ago, Doc West and I recorded it […]


A Woman’s Prayer for Thanksgiving

Click here to listen to this week’s song, A Woman’s Prayer for Thanksgiving. My friend Janne Henshaw and I were talking late one night last week about Thanksgiving songs. We were going to present some to our friends at the St.Clair senior center, and we were going over some titles and possibilities, and chatting about […]


A Night at the Opera

I once took eight years of voice training from a professor who taught voice to opera students. Although I did not sing opera, he worked with me, improving my range, and control. I remember asking him about opera, as it seemed a distant art form to me at the time. Surprised at my statement, he […]

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