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Through My Eyes

Click here to listen to this week’s song. The definition of the word collaboration has not strayed much from its original 19th century Latin origins for collaborare “work together”. In the musical and theatrical projects I have ever been involved in, most were collaborations, the sum of the efforts being greater than any one of […]


Kathleen’s Song

Click here to listen to this week’s song. Hello, my name is Candace Corrigan. I’m a songwriter happily living in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. This is my weekly blog, a writing that will include a song that I have written. It’s a pretty ambitious project, and unique to a rural county weekly newspaper, but worth a try, […]


When the Redbuds Bloom

I hope you all like it, our spring gift to you. Click here to listen to the mp3 of this week’s song. It’s one of those April days, a little rainy, a bit of a cold snap. I hope we don’t lose the crepe myrtle, like we did last year. It is chilly, even cold, […]


The Perfect 36

April 8, 2008 Raining again, all day. Lovely, after last year’s drought. We have just finished the last pass at the subtitling for the DVD of a project I first completed in 1995. It was a public television special about women getting the right to vote, called The Perfect 36. The title refers to the […]

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