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A Valentine for You

It is Valentine’s day.

I have an afternoon fire in the fireplace next to my desk, having come in from our promised afternoon snow. 3,000 miles away to the Northwest, young athletes are skating, skiing, luging in the snow. 1,000 miles away to the East, the people of Washington DC are attempting to dig out out from this week’s snowstorm. Where I grew up on a Michigan farm, snow often began in October and lasted until April. A lot of snow.

My dad once braved a wild snow storm to get me a package of valentines to give to my school mates. I can still see those curious little cards, with hearts and messages like “Won’t you be my valentine” and “You’re swell”, on them. And I also can imagine the little white envelopes, and addressing each name in my class in my practiced cursive, as well as the anticipation of getting a special Valentine from some 4th grade boy, who, I was certain, liked me best. Ahhh, the tumult of a young crush.

So, for this year’s holiday honoring love, here is a little song that I wrote this week, helped along by Doc West’s great guitar work. Thanks Doc.

Our House This Week

Happy Valentines to all, wherever you may be.

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