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The Unity Song

This week, my friend Janne Henshaw and I participated in the Country Music Hall of Fame’s year end program at the Ford Theatre in Nashville, Tennessee. It was exciting to see all the students and their songwriters performing, and very fun to get to be part of it.

We are very proud of our young writer, Aisya Nesmith, who decided to write about her feelings about segregation and the civil rights movement. Astounding what a 4th grader can come up with.

Back in February, we were asked to participate in Chadwell Elementary School‘s Unity Day program. We were so impressed with the program, we decided to make a video of the 4th grade class performance.

Gene Smith of Smith Films volunteered the videography, Al Goll helped us out with the dobro, and Rich Jegen edited the video. We were able to get permission to use some photos from the archives of the Highlander Education and Research Center, as well as some photos from the Library of Congress.

You can watch the video on youtube, or at the bottom of this post.

Don’t hesitate to comment on the site. I think it turned out great. The kids are charming, the performance touching. Many thanks to Chadwell’s music teacher, Marsha Brewer as well as the principal, Ms. Renita Perkins. They have a school full of beautiful children, and dedicated teachers. It was a joy to get to work with them on this creative project.
I hope you enjoy it.

3 Responses to “The Unity Song”

  1. 1
    Sky Campbell Says:

    Thank you to the fourth graders of Chadwell Elementary School. You are a wonderful choir.

  2. 2
    Kathryn Fiske Says:

    What a wonderful song!

    Aisya, your words come right from your heart … and they touch my heart. You should know that your song can reach many people and make their lives better. It might even help some people be more open-minded.

    And, the choir did an excellent job of singing. I could understand every word. That’s hard to do … and I could really hear your message. What a wonderful thing you have all accomplished.

    May all your lives be happier knowing that you have brought such a powerful message to the world. I congratulate you all.

    Kathryn Fiske
    Rochester, NY

  3. 3
    Erika Says:

    I honor the courage it takes to sing what you feel is true. This is not easy at any age. Thanks for inspiring us.

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