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Lockeland School of Design at the Country Music Hall of Fame Words and Music Program

As the year comes to a close, I have been sitting by the fire and finishing up some recording projects. A few weeks ago, Janne Henshaw, Al Goll and I performed a Words and Music Program at the Country Music Hall of Fame. It was a very energetic group of 4th graders and we had a great time.

When we get the lyric packets from the teachers, Janne and I get together and choose the lyrics we will write the songs from. We want to write as many songs as we have time for in the program. We also try to have equal number of songs from each class, and equal amount of songs from girls and boys. Our goal is to remain as true to the original intent of the lyrics as possible, and to come up with melodies that the kids will like. In this case, there were three 4th grade classes, and one song combined two of the lyric sheets (Stars and Butterflies… a lovely round), bringing the total to 15 songs.

So here are the songs from the Lockeland School of Design 4th grade classes.

1. Just Try — by B. Hardin
2. Haunted House — by A. McIntosh
3. Wrapped up in Them — by M. Lanlinais
4. Anything’s Possible — by O. R. Connor
5. Monteagle — by M. Donohue
6. Baby Come Back — by D. Anderson
7. Doubt — by L. Ferris
8. Holiday World — by Y. Pardue
9. Forgotten Lunch — by S. Ferrel
10. Stars and Butterflies — by A. Kowery and Grace
11. Party Time — by K. Jobe
12. My Favorite Sport — by N. K. Davies
13. Movin’ — by I. Squillace
14. Dreams — by A. Jackson
15. Say Lockeland — by Q. Clendening

Great job!

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