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Scales Elementary School at the Country Music Hall of Fame Words and Music Program

Janne Henshaw, myself, and Al Goll (on dobro) put on a show this Friday, February 25th, at the Country Music Hall of Fame for the Words and Music Program in the lovely Ford Theatre. We had a group of 3 classes of fourth grade students from Scales Elementary School in Brentwood Tennessee. We had a blast.

About two weeks ago, we received a set of lyrics from the three classes. We chose five sets of lyrics (that’s 15 songs) from each class and went to work. Oh my gosh! Talk about some great creative writing from 10 year olds. Here they are in the order of show. Many thanks to the great sound from Rod Hanson and for the opportunity to work with the creativity of these young writers. Congratulations to all these writers and their teachers.

1. I Am Not a Songwriter — by J. E. Helm

2. Dance With Me — by L. Duncan

3. You Are Strong — by B. Wright

4. Chicken in the Car Wash — by R. Fridge

5. That Girl — by I. Gray

6. Loose Tooth — by M. Capeling

7. My Prince is My Daddy — by J. Stallings

8. Summer Days — by B. Hanbeck

9. Winter’s Day — by A. Meade

10. Thank the Farmers — by G. B. Hamnes

11. Player of the Week — by O. Coffman

12. My Life as a Dog — by E. Ikard

13. Money$ — by K. Elliot

14. Hills of Brentwood TN — by A. Penix

15. Squirrel in School — by R. Mayhugh

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