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Radio Portraits inspired from women's diaries written 1779-1959

MapJuliana Conner 1811-1881
Wedding trip in 1827 to Tennessee,
Visits with the Jackson's at
the Hermitage

Juliana Conner began a journal in 1827 when
she left her Virginia home at the age of sixteen.
She recorded her vivid impressions while accompanying her new husband on a business trip to the frontier towns of Knoxville, Nashville, and Jackson, Tennessee. The highlight of her trip was a dinner party at the home of the charismatic General Andrew Jackson.

Juliana's Wedding Trip 1827

'Twas early on a summer morn when first I left my home
And bid adieu to dearest hearts that I had ever known
Seated by my own true love, our journey just begun
With the morning clear, and the rising of the sun

In the crossing of the mountains to the hills of Tennessee
On the winding rocky roads that were the steepest I did see
The summits soared above the clouds and vied ethereal blue
And we saw the world, from a most enchanting view

And the grandest scenes where we have been
And people we have met
My wedding trip through Tennessee
I never will forget

We entered into Nashville after such a weary ride
The handsome buildings built of brick and streets so straight and wide
To a public house, the best in town, so fashionable and fine,
with an elegant piano, where I loved to pass the time

One afternoon when we arrived 12 miles or so from there
General Jackson and his lady were descending down the stair
And she took me in her garden for a moment of repose
And showed to me her kindness, and gave to me a rose

The General is a gentleman in highest of degree
With a spirit of dispensing liberal hospitality
You'd think I'd known him all my life, he put me at such ease,
He captured up our very hearts, with manners meant to please

The dinner that was served us was so splendid and refined
I felt so privileged the way that we had spent our time
The General proposed a toast to all our absent friends
A reverie fell on us all, the evening at an end

And the grandest scenes where we have been
And people we have met
My wedding trip through Tennessee
I never will forget, I never will forget

Song Source:
Diary of Juliana Magaret Conner June 10 - Oct 17, 1827
, Tennessee State Library and Archives, Nashville, TN

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